In the Universe everything changes following a harmonic timeless rule. The happiness consists into be aware of being part of this Harmony, following its own nature to achieve the essence.

Harmony is the mathematic and scientific proportion, as mathematical are the formula that rule the natural phenomenon.     

Harmony is peaceful: does not judge what else to transform it end make it like itself, it connects with the “other” to work in Unity.                                                                                Harmony does not divide, it connects.

Mine research of the Infinite in nowadays reality, of transcendence kept in the real data. I analyse the immutable equilibrium trough the photographic language, to show the presence.

The research of the Hidden Harmony in the world is based on the capacity to look at the contemporaneity element by element – anthropology, architecture, nature- always linked to a bigger level of existence.

Photography and architecture go side by side connected. As the architectonical vision is based on the social function that draw and modify human behaviours, also the photography is an seminal mean, a language to extract different stratified in the history points of view: identity and existence that flow together in syntony, immaterial tracks now visible, quite tangible, in a shot.

The equilibrium that comes out from the tens and integration of differences, where the opposites converge completing themselves and the materiality falls to leave space to the spiritual presence, transform every shot in a travel through the space-time instances, instead of being the static representation of the place.

Also the natural life express itself through perfect natural architectural elements, social conditions between species and genders, and influence of the ecosystem based elements, enjoying of a less filtered relation with the Harmony, innate and self-regulator, with the World breath with a little influence by the free will and artificial conditioning.

The photographic eye looks in particular, to a detail that give value to the existence and create access key to different reading levels among plans, volumes, colours, tensions and correspondence written into the being landscapes, discovering mystical roots.

Like a mutable organism, each composition balances its external and internal balance on chromatic and geometric weights and, without any symmetrical axis on which to rest, it incorporates each constituent fragment according to the final semantic structure.

In the awareness of the indecipherable Mystery of becoming, only faith in the spiritual progress of man pushes the photographer poet beyond the barrier of the phenomenon to decipher the infinite correspondences and the infinite relations of all realities in an indivisible Unity, in the certainty of being part of the All.