Corresponcences is the Manifesto of the contemporary poetics. Baudelaire, to define the essence of the poetry, wrote: “Who the poet is other than a traslator, a code breaker?” The poet is who free from the distress of the imperfect reality penetrating all the way to the real by the discovery of the mysterious message emanated from the things.” It’s the Hidden Harmony of Eraclitus.  



Giorgio Di Maio is a graduate of Architecture. At the School of Architecture, he came into contact with two important influences: organic architect F.L. Wright, the Neoplasticism of Theo van Doesburg and Mondrian.  Wright’s Wasmuth Portfolio, published in Berlin in 1911 was Giorgio’s constant companion in those years. He always came back to it, fascinated by its ability to lend harmonious composition to different spaces and their functions, in final plans that were unified and perfectly balanced. His first show was titled Colonie di artisti and was a historical study of three episodes from European architecture tied to the roles played by the patrons who promoted them. This first show was followed by Frammenti, Ombre,  alla fine…. L’amore, Basilicata, non è Napoli, exhibitions in which Giorgio Di Maio revealed some of the future distinctive features of his way of photographing: attention to the particular rather than to the exceptional, a reclaiming of the quotidian, the decay of materiality, the identity of opposites, the balance deriving from the tension and integration of diversity, a search for spiritual presence. In most recent years he has gradually withdrawn from his profession as an architect and starting from a study of Heraclitus has begun to devote himself to the pursuit of Hidden Harmony which is present all around us and is identified by means of the language of figurative arts vanguards. In the April 2018 he exhibited his work Milan in harmony for the Milan PhotoFestiva at Palazzo Castiglioni. In the february 2019 he participaded with his work Correspondences at Collective La Materia dei Sensi in Florence.

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